Lighting that Inspires: Barrett Design Studio

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Lighting is an important element in any design. At Celia Barrett Design, we are inspired by drop shaped lighting and are using it in several design projects. The bamboo-framed lighting is great for summer. It has a light, outdoor feel. The twin hanging hive lighting lends itself to being an artistic piece within the room. We are using custom designed lighting with this element in an upcoming hotel lobby. For more inspiration, check out Drop shaped light images by DesignByHive.

Outdoor Living

Creating an outdoor living area that the entire family can use may be easier than you think.  Simply add some soft seating around a natural gathering point. A fire place or cooking area will invite residents and visitors to use the space.  Using natural...
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Lush Garden In A Small Space

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You do not need a huge backyard to create a beautiful, lush garden space for your home. Consider designing your small outdoor space to be an extension of your home. Create a usable outdoor living and dining space by applying the same design principles that you would use on any interior space. Define how you want the space to be used, determine if your space requires privacy, has a view or both.   Decide what features you would like integrated into the space and then contact your local Interior Designer to help you plan your area, specify materials, landscaping and furniture.

Penny Tant, I.I.D.A.
Project Manager

Fun and Functional

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I have recently discovered two wonderful new products from Davis Furniture’s Elements Collection. These products provide a fun and functional touch to just about any space. The first is called Dots, which is a new line of wall hooks made up of a wood knob and optional hook. The second is called Line, which is a wall-mounted storage element that provides great visual interest. These are a great way to utilize limited space in style.